Fuzhou Contay Biotechnology Co., Ltd. R&D & Marketing Center is located in Fuzhou Software Park. It covers an area of ??about 2,000 square meters. It has standard laboratory and equipment for small test and kilogram production. It is equipped with perfect quality testing instruments and has a first-class R&D team. And advanced experimental equipment. The R&D center is mainly engaged in research and development, technology and process improvement of biomedical products. A number of process technologies have completely independent intellectual property rights and have applied for 15 patents.
1、There is a fermentation and research center for strain fermentation: equipped with computer intelligent control fermentation equipment, strain preservation, inoculation, strain mutagenesis, strain isolation, strain screening, testing and other equipment and facilities dozens of sets.
2、With analytical testing center: equipped with more than 10 sets of international advanced Agilent gas phase, liquid chromatograph, mass spectrometer and other chromatographs, infrared spectrometer, UV-visible spectrophotometer, automatic moisture analyzer and other testing instruments .
3、There is a pharmaceutical intermediate synthesis room (small test, pilot test laboratory). The laboratory is equipped with dozens of equipments and facilities such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure and vacuum.

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